Wednesday, October 17, 2012



The LOVE for Tyler Perry is world wide. Not only because he is one of Oprah's close friend. Its because of his heart and love for others, his love for God, his drive to keep going in spite of and the list goes on and on why this man went from RAGS TO RICHES!!
Mr. Tyler Perry has a story and we all know it, heard him tell it and many have lived it. On the outside looking in he is doing his best at over coming, for giving and moving on and because of that he will continue to receive GODS Blessings.  I have not had the opportunity to meet him before but my YAYYY MOMENT in my "Kiwi Voice" is the day that I do!!!!

             Speaking of his LOVE FOR OTHERS AND HIS  GIVING HEART. I have shared a clip of his latest contributions. Which I know its MILLIONS that we don't know about!!!
This ia Alicia Day. Please click the link below to see how grateful she was to receive her new VAN!!
                         Tyler Perry replaces disabled Decatur woman’s stolen van

Tyler Perry has Grossed from 12 movies a total of $559,000,000.00 give or take a little. That does not include his income from Plays, TV Shows, his role in Star Trek, helping with the film Precious and For Color Girls, Appearances on Talk Shows, Hosting Award Shows, Speaking Engagements Etc.

 The first movie that Tyler introduced to us was released in February 2005 Grossing 50.6 Million!!!

This was the day I knew that I would be in a life time relationship with Tyler Perry

Every time a new movie comes out from Tyler Perry I always say "That was the best one ever"!!  Little do I know that he continues to trick me because they continued to get better and better.

Three movies and three years later in February of 2007 his next movie Grossed $31.3 Million. I fell in LOVE with the story line, the characters and everything about it. He touched on soo many different topics. Cancer, Drugs and most of all that you can be in a White Collar world but fall in Love with a Blue Collar Man and still make it WORK! This will always be my favorite,  I can watch this movie over and over again.

Movie #5 Released in 2008 Grossing $41.9 MILLION

Movie #6 Also Released in 2008 Grossing $37.1 MILLION
Here we go again Tyler,  you had me at HELLO (Jerry Maguire) I fell in Love all over again. This one right here got me. He stepped away from his funny/love story to this BIG DRAMA MOVIE that took everyone by surprise!!


         Movie #7 Released in February 2009 Grossing $41.0 MILLION

Movie #8 Released Also in 2009 Grossing $51.7 MILLION

Movie #11 Released February 2012 Grossing $35.0 MILLION

Movie #12 was his Released in June 2012 was his  HIGHEST GROSSED FILM $65.6 MILLION
    Now that I have took you down memory lane on Why I Love Me Some Tyler Perry.GET READY GET READY GET READY YOU HAVEN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!  You seen A Love Story, Comedy and Even Drama Now its time  for the BOMB.COM he got ACTION Y'ALL!!!
Please Come out in BIG NUMBERS to Support MR. TYLER PERRY LETS MAKE IT
$80.8 MILLION BABY!!!!



  1. I remember the story about Alicia and her van being stolen. That broke my heart. I am pleased to hear that Tyler P. purchased her another so she can get back and forth to work. Ehat a warm story. Tastefully SoSo

  2. That was actually the second one he gave away in the pass four months

  3. It's good to see TP doing BIG things & giving back!!!! That's wonderful... To think of it I just watched I can do bad all by myself & I totally forgot how good that flick was!!!! But now I'm anxious to see Alex Cross! I'm hoping he BRING IT & it get record breaking numbers at the box office!


  4. Okay so another Handicap Van was stolen yesterday I wonder will he come to the rescue again. I been waiting on this Alex Cross for along time. I asm set on GO!!!

  5. I love me some Tyler Perry movies!!! Good post!!! I still need to see Good Deeds!!! I so late on this one.

  6. Nikka you better catch up cause he will be coming out with another one in March. He aint playing he got his GRIND ON!!!