Wednesday, November 14, 2012


If you didn't know The Container Store has MOVED!!!

The Buckhead Store has Reopened in a New Location. Its Located on the corner of Peachtree St. and Wieuca Rd. 

I had the pleasure of attending the Private Preview Party for 
The Container Store!!!!

I had a Blast from the beginning to the end. They had everything planned to the T!!

Lynn of LA Lynn's & Me

Lynn, Justin of Val & Justin & Me

Click the link above and check out what Big Thangs Justin has Popping

                    Can't you tell they LOVE the Camera
                                Meet Taylor A.K.A Robin Thicke

 The PARTY was on the Dance Floor. The Band Played every thing from Rock, Pop, Old School R&B, Hip Hop and My 
Favorite Group BON JOVI!!!

Is that Lynn?? She know she having a BALL.....
She thought she was back at Charles Disco!!

                                        The Great BAND

The FOOD was prepared by Dennis Dean Catering Company. From the variety of food, the set up and the GREAT customer service they were on POINT!!

                  What ever you need they got it.

 From Laundry Containers, Storage Bins and Clothing Separators.

                Gift Wrap, Tape Holder, Stickers and Scissors

                         SHIPPING BOXES AND SHIPPING TUBES

Storage Pods & Racks. Which would be great to organize your                       Garage, Gym or Class Room

Even for all your shipping needs. Their a one stop shop for Christmas. You can find a Great Gift, Gift Wrap and Packaging Material so you can Ship It  Off. 

Thanks to the Container Store for a Preview Party that was MORE then I imagined it would!!!

~Loving People & Loving Life~


  1. Whaaaat the container store did it big!! Man I needed to be here. I need to buy at least 4 big containers. I need to store things AWAY!!!

    1. They did do it BIG!! Yea I can see you killin the dance floor.


  2. Replies
    1. Yes it was Fab from the time we got there til the time we watch the doors close. We shut it down lol!!


  3. Thanks for joining me Chica!!!!! The Container Store did that!!!!


    1. Thanks for the invite I LOVED IT!!! Now only that I will be going back to make a purchase. They have alot of things I need.


  4. I like this!!! To bad it was at lunch time, and I could not break away!!!!Nice post!!!

  5. It was fun. I actually went to the one that they had at night.