Friday, January 25, 2013

Beyond Greatness & LA Lynns Presents......

My BFF, Sister and Prayer Warrior Lynn and myself  Joined up and had our 1st of many LA Lynn's & Beyond Greatness Link Up Events!! We wanted to start off the New Year with a Free Event to show appreciation to our supporters for a GNO!!

Me, Crystyles of Crystyles Boutique & Lynn of LA Lynn's

Crystyles & Cocktails was held at Crystles Boutique located at 2115 Piedmont Rd, Atlanta, Ga 30324. 

For a Girls Night Out what better Color Decor could have been used other than The Fabulous PINK!!!!

The branded Water Bottles was done by non other than Lynn of LA Lynn's. The guest was served Classic Crab Cakes, Tiny Trinket Taquitos, Raving Round Rolls, Fabulous Fruit, Diva Devil Eggs, Curvey Cute Cupcakes, Sassey Sliced Ham donated by Honey Baked Ham and of coarse Crystyles Cocktails!!!

Lynn of LA Lynn's, Mimi of Lipglossandbinky & Trina of Baby Shopaholic

There was a Fab Fashion Show Featuring Four Models of ALL Sizes!!
Models are Laquazous, J, Brittany & Bri

We also had the Graceful/Beautiful Kerri of Virtuousstyls that help with the Styling and Accessorizing all the models.
The Models wore Clothes from Crystyles Boutique & Jewelry Accessories by LA Lynn's

King Mack of King Mack Music provided the flow of melody while the ladies enjoyed their light bites and Crystyles Cocktails!!

Lynn, Zuri was the Makeup Artist for the Models & Mauh

 Cha'Kiva of Spoileddiva, Me & Lynn

                                       The MODELS!!

                        WHAT FUN WE HAD!!!!!

                         Zuri doing what she DO BEST!!!

Jen of Nail Chronicles came out and provided the Nail Bar Glam!!!

                              Crystyles Fab Grabs!!!

They was so focused on the Games!!! They wanted to WIN the Fab GIVEAWAYS!!!

   Shun A.K.A. ShunShine was our Bartender & Nikki a Guest

I am Sending A BIG THANK YOU to Alisha of Collylocks for Traveling All the Way from Tennessee to Support her #BLMGIRLS!!!!

Thanks to everyone who came out and Supported Beyond Greatness & LA Lynn's 1st Event of the Year!!!

Make Sure you Grab your Boo and Joined Us for Our Next Elegant Event!!!!

Click on link below for more details and to purchase your tickets!!!



  1. GREAT RECAP! It was sooo much fun & we had a BLAST!!!! Can't wait for the next event...

    P.S. You got down with that tablescape!


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