Monday, January 7, 2013


          It is ALWAYS a honor when God Bless me with a New Client. When I was contact by 
           THE HABITAT COMPANY My heart and soul was warmed by Gods Grace

        Being able to Plan a Event is always THE BEST  THING EVER but to be able to Plan a Event to CELEBRATE THE  Birth of my Heavenly Father deserves a DOUBLE  WOOT WOOT!!!!!!

Sending a BIG THANK YOU TO Lynn of LA Lynn's for Making the Candy Cane Cupcakes. Not only making them BRANDING THEM !!!!!

 Beyond Greatness did the Set Up/Table Scapes, prepared all the food and Hosted the entire Event.

Prepared for the Guest was Winter Wonder Wings, Santa's Smokies, Merry Meatballs, Comet Cheese & Crackers  Frosty The Snowman Fruit, Christmas Quiche, Candy Cane Cupcakes & Jolly Juice. 

Tonya Carter of The Habitat Company & Yours Truly

Always treat people the way you want to be treated was what my Mommy taught me and I know I have mastered that Life Lesson. I have known Tonya for over 25 years. We might see each other at events every other five years or maybe longer than that. She could have contacted any Event Planner of her choice but she CHOSE ME!!! I really thank her for trusting & allowing me to be her Event Planner. For that I Welcome Tonya, The Habitat Company and ALL the Families of the Westminster Community to The Beyond Greatness Family!!!

D.J. Steve-Nice of So Nice Entertainment & Jene of Nail Chronicles

Thanks to my Favorite D.J. and Nail Chronicles for coming out and being apart of this Great Event. If you need a D.J. for any occasion you can contact him @ Contact Nail Chronicles for all your Natural Nail needs @

Of Course I had Great Giveaways. NO Event is complete without them!!!

They Played Games!!! When I say they played Games they Played Games!! My plan was to play four games but some time the Plan has to Change. They Loved so Much they wanted to keep playing and playing and playing....... 

She wanted to WIN so bad she was FOCUSED!! She said she wanted to win not for the prize but so she could take a picture with me!!! How sweet was that SHE HAD ME FEELING SPECIAL!!

Nail Chronicles doing was she Loves and does very WELL!!

Here is my Lovily Guest!! She said can I get a picture with all of you on my camera. Then she said one more please. LOL!!!!

He was in love with the Candy Cane Cupcakes. Cant you tell I think he had about three!!

                 My Winners was so Happy and Appreciated Everything!!!

I even had a Dance Contest. I called her My Grandma. When I say she was jammimg!!!!

I really enjoyed doing this Event. I think I had just as much fun as the Guest did.

The Spirit of Our Heavenly Father was In The Building for sure because he allowed EVERYTHING about this Event to be BEYOND GREATNESS!!



  1. It was a pleasure working with you your professionalism and attention to detail was impeccable.... I look forward to working with you again in the future.


    1. Once again thank you and continue to be a blessing to others!! Cant wait to plan our next event.

  2. Wow... This post is BEYOND GREAT & AMAZING!!!!! There are just no words in the dictionary to define how you truly went above & beyond with this event! Everything was simply beautiful!!!!! All I could do was smile as I was reading this post & looking at the pics brought JOY to my eyes & heart... The expression on everybody face shows that this was indeed an AWESOME event!!!!! May GOD continue to grow your business and you continue to bless others with your gift of event planning!!!!!


    1. It's never to late lol!! Thank you as always and what a Awesome Event it was!!!

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